Master Club

We are excited about reaching and teaching children about God's Word and His wonderful plan of salvation.

Master Club is for children ages 3 to 12 and meets every Wednesday night from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. Master Club offers an exciting time for children while they learn from God's Word.

Pro Teens

Pro Teens is a fast paced, Biblically based program for ages 13-18. It is designed to build servant leaders and mentor young people into the image of Christ. Pro Teens meet Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. 

The Power Company

Lunch and fellowship for our Senior Saints (ages 50 and above) on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Please join us.



We believe that "missions" is the heartbeat of our God. We are excited about having a part in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We currently support 125 missionary families.

Missionaries We Currently Support:


Allen, John Papua New Guinea
Allen, Matt Papua New Guinea
Abrman, Jozef Slovakia
Angad, Ram Guyana, South America
Applegate, Tony Uganda
Balucca, Joey Asian Missions
Beier, Kevin Australia
Bernsdorgg, Matt Trinidad
Bolanos Columbia
Bolos Peru
Bottom, Rick Rock of Ages/Prison Ministry
Calvary Church Ministries Boys’ Home
Cheatwood, Ralph Bulgaria/Romania
Cleghorn, Duane Indonesia
Collins, Brian Zambia
Cosby, Mrs. Helen Missionary Widow
Cox, Bobby Harris County Jails
Demopoulas, Perry Ukraine
Dempsey, Jay Vancouver Island, B.C.
Diamante, David Philippines
Dobbins, Mike Papua New Guinea
Duke, David Germany
Dunlap, Mark Mozambique
Dunn, Nicolas China
Dwire, Dan Uganda
Ellzey, Kenneth Bolivia
Eubanks, Ms. Mary Lois Missionary  Widow
Fair, Wayne Papua New Guinea
Fellure, Jim Victory Baptist Press/Field Rep.
Fetter, Dave Micronesia
Fluech, Mike Malawi
Fritz, Sonny Mexico
Fussner, Joshua Ethiopia
Gaddes, Phil Australia
Galliato, Sal Italy
Gibson, Curtis South Louisiana
Gibson, Mike Fairs/Carnivals
Gideon's International Bibles
Girard, Bryan Papua New Guinea
Gostlin, Mark France
Gray, John Papua New Guinea
Green, Mike Congo
Griggers, James Austria/India
Griggers, J Indian Orphanage
Harrelson, Dick Papua New Guinea
Haynes, Joel Navajo Nation
Hearn, Alan Israel
Henderson, Bill Guam
Henry, Paul Rock of Ages/Prison Ministry
Hoot, Aaron Tennessee/Spanish Work
Imsand, Ernie South Korea
Jaggy, G. Indonesia
Johnson, Matt Mexico
Kendall, K. Papua New Guinea
Kinsey, George South Africa
LaBouve, Kent Bahamas
Landingin, Edward Cambodia
Langford, Wayne Australia
Lavita, Dan Honduras
Lawrence, Mike Germany
Leonard, Chuck Ukraine
Lewis, Travis Philippines
Mach, Robert Ivory Coast of Africa
Maret, Bernie Seaman’s Center/Alabama
Martin, Bruce Honduras
Martin, Milton Mexico
Martinez, Carmelo Brazil
Matacchiera, Damon Zambia
Messersmith, Steve England
Miller, Carl Scotland
Mills, Eddie China
Mooberry, Matthew Brazil
Moriarty, Tim Cambodia
Muldoon,Wll Papua New Guinea
Mullins, Ted Papua New Guinea
Murray, Chris Philippines
Neill, Wes Moldova
Newton, Scott Barcelona, Spain
Nikkel, Tyler Papua New Guinea
Pinkerton, Chip Radio Ministry
Porter, Jeff South Africa
Raymond, Pete Mexico
Reid, Mike Scotland
Rio Grande Missionary Helps
Roberts, Mike Vietnam
Rose, Doug Peru
Russell, Jason Papua New Guinea
Smith, Shellie Scotland
Solomon, Dan IBJM/Jews
Stensaas, Keith Uganda
Stensaas, Matt Uganda
Stinson, Cody Baptist Radio Network
Surovcek, Peter Slovakia
Suttle, Scott Denmark
Thompson, John Juveniles
Tillman, Tommy Lepers of Southeast Asia
Tribuzio, Dan Australia
Trimble, Eddie Philippines
Victory Baptist Press Bibles & Literature
Verginio, Greg China
Weimer, Rick Germany
Welch, Matthew Bulgaria/Romania
Wells, Frank Congo
Wesley, Joshua Jamaica
West, David Mexico
Wheat, Angela Australia
Williams, Steve Harvest Baptist Missions
Wilps, Mike Paraguay
Wings as Eagles Aviation Ministries
Woods, Lynn Moldova/ Construction Ministry
Yaws, John Rock of Ages/Prison Ministry
Yaws, Virginia Rock of Ages/Women’s Prison Ministry
Zander, Adam Romania